Ramiro Cazaux

Ramiro Cazaux is a designer and filmmaker from Los Angeles. He specializes in Direction, Art Direction and Production Design for animation, live-action and live entertainment. Ramiro has experience working across multiple disciplines; from feature films, television, video games, commercials and theme parks. Ramiro has worked for animation studios such as South Park, BentoBox and Partizan. He co-founded Yozux Studios, a successful animation and visual effects boutique studio. Ramiro worked for South Park (animated TV series) in the Art Department creating storyboards and providing production design for the weekly show as well as their video games. Among other credits are lead animator for commercials and music videos, art direction and production design for TV, films, and video games. In 2004, Ramiro graduated with an MFA in Film, Animation and Digital Arts from USC Cinema School. Originally from Argentina, Ramiro’s background is in Art Direction with a BFA in Production Design, from Universidad Del Salvador, Buenos Aires. He has worked for television, theme parks and major shows in Argentina.